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History of search engines










3 - Microwindows



Thinking that everything is done on the Internet is a repeated mistake.



First Yahoo appeared by ordering a directory of links to access other websites.



Second came Google with search engines to do this very thing.



Thirdly, MicroWindows now appears, synthesizing the two previous experiences in a single version.





MicroWindows is a MultiWeb system with an internal-external search engine applied to international e-commerce and e-business. It is designed to absorb an initial annual gross billing of $1 trillion.



Microsoft, Amazon, Template Monster and Goddady are invited to participate in the developments on a proprietary basis. A Global TaskWeb is also being created and activated with freelance designers, web programmers and software developers from all continents.



MicroWindows hyperconcentrates the e-commerce macro systems of Global Solidarity, Global Market, the 7 master portals and 14 million telesales websites, causing a Big Bang in the Web Point.



This initiative responds to the mandate of our Creator and is guided by friendly alien intelligence, prior to a first third contact.

The union of resources of Green Interbanks, Global Solidarity, Mayday and MicroWindows makes possible the abolition of extreme poverty throughout the Earth and stop Global Warming.



No more children will die of hunger and preventable diseases...



globalsolidarity.live       mayday.live       greeninterbanks.com



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